Jonathan's Research

Burnout and Stress Research

My research interest is in the areas of stress and coping, and, for the forseeable future, I'll be working on academic empirical research projects focusing on burnout, both in the general population and in clergy. In the paragraphs below, you will find brief explanations of the projects in which I'm currently involved. I also speak at academic and counseling conferences on topics related to stress, relationships, and burnout.

Clergy and Spouse Well-Being, Emotional Exhaustion and Help-seeking

Along with my colleages, Dr. Kristen Kansiewicz of Evangel University, Dr. Jim Sells of Regent University, Dr. Jennifer Ripley of Regent University, and Michell Temple of Denver Seminary, I am studying burnout, emotional wellbeing and help-seeking in members of the Southern Baptist clergy and their spouses.

A New Measure for Burnout

Thanks to a generous grant from Regent University, I am working with esteemed colleagues Dr. Leslie Francis and Dr. Andrew Village to develop a version of the Francis Burnout Inventory (which was originally designed for clergy) that can be used with a much broader population (people-workers in general rather than clergy only). We are currently finished with the development stage, and will be soon testing the measure with a large sample of participants.